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Product authentication

By analysing your food samples with Chemometric Brain, you get a chemical fingerprint of the product to identify and validate ingredients and products.

Detection of non-conformities and fraud

A unique qualitative analysis determines the exact composition of the sample and compares it with the correct samples stored in our product libraries.

Control and validation of suppliers

You will be able to detect any minor changes your supplier has made to an ingredient mix.

Control of internal standards

Chemometric Brain facilitates any qualification process of your final products against your internal quality standards and allows you to extend it to each batch.


Spectra in the cloud


Countries of operation



Cloud-based software to improve NIRS technology

Instant data analysis for decision making

Analyse your samples without sample preparation

Environmentally friendly (no chemicals or consumables)

Receive reliable and accurate results

Access your data wherever and whenever you want.
Collaborate with your team in your internal processes.

Centralise authorisations in the software to replicate your quality control worldwide and only allow access to what you want your teams to see.

Use machine learning in your processes without needing an in-house expert.

Automate quality data analysis with a no-code tool.

How does it work?


Capture NIR spectra from any desktop, online or laptop NIR equipment.


Automatic analysis against previously created "good sample" reference models.


Instant confirmation of conformity or measurement of product characteristics.

With industry and scientific approval

"Chemometric Brain is very interesting because it provides a global solution in the private sector to manage a large amount of data from different instruments. We are testing a lot of new algorithms at the research level and the advantage of Chemometric Brain is that it brings all that in one tool, which makes it easily available and usable in industry. The graphical interface is also very useful for companies to see what is happening with their products."
Head of the Quality Unit of Agricultural Products Department of Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W)
"The fight against food adulteration needs joint forces, state-of-the-art methodologies and expert brains. Our collaboration with Chemometric Brain indicates our common vision for development and progress in authentication solutions and it is expected to exploit the power of the software and the intelligence of analytical data."
Head of Laboratory. Business Development Manager at Imprint Analytics GmbH
"In our business, production of powder-based ingredient blends from natural foodstuffs, usually agricultural by-products, quality control is essential to ensure the highest quality, traceability and homogeneity of products. We have partnered with Chemometric Brain because their technology makes it easy to control raw materials and ingredients throughout the entire production process quickly and easily.."
CEO & Co Founder of Agrosingularity
"Chemometric Brain has developed a sophisticated and powerful solution for food processors using our innovative MicroNIR instruments, and we expect to have great success together"
VIAVI Product Line Manager
"Chemometric Brain offers a potentially powerful tool. Its compatibility with different spectroscopy devices makes it possible to quickly and easily develop and implement new solutions for the industry. It also provides a large number of libraries and the software is user-friendly and intuitive."
AZTI's Efficient and Sustainable Processes Coordinator
"Our experience with Chemometric Brain Software and team is magnificent. The R&D Team has easily adapted the software to our devices. The software itself is perfect to our needs. It is neat and free of any unnecessary features which you would normally pay for and probably would never use."
Operational Director at Dutch Essentials

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“Chemometric Brain is the perfect digital solution to skip the industrial revolution and enter the digital age. With a single scan we ensure the quality of our products in and out.”
Martijn Bergkamp
Partner, co-founder FOGA
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