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Usability improvements for lot repetition and new model creator dashboard

December 2, 2022
  • Automatic Lot Repetition Count: We've changed the way lot repetitions are counted. In the beginning you had to include your lot repetition count in the lot number itself. Then we implemented a new field that allowed you to add a repetition count. Now, the increments are done automatically based on lots measured previously.
  • Model Creator Dashboard: We've created a new way to monitor all the models under management by a model creator at a glance. The model creator dashboard allows you to see which models have new batches that can add variability and need updating. You can also export a list of models to be updated along with the new batches, new spectra, total batches, new batches, latest version, and public/not public. When using the model dashboard, you can select one or more companies to display models to update for, and filter the search results by Raw Material/Final Product or Search Models.
  • Exportable PLS Calibration Parameters: For model creators, it is very convenient to be able to export PLS parameters to evaluate the best set of pretreatments for a quantitative model. You can now export these into a standard format, streamlining the quantitative model development.

Buttons cleanup, additional identifier, over-the-air updates, Bruker compatibility

November 18, 2022
  • New Additional Identifier Field: We've improved the way you use the local software, adding a new field to add additional identifiers to your measurements (supplier, pallet number, or anything else). Find this field in the web software too.
  • Bruker Device Control: We always want the best possible integration with your devices, so we've now completed the integration of MPA II, Tango and Matrix-F instruments with local software. Without much can now press start and stop measurement on ChB.
  • User Login in Local Software: Keep your session on the local software protected with username and password login. Just use the same credentials you use on the web software.
  • Cleaned Up Top Buttons Bar: We've made some adjustments to the appereanceof the web application, keeping only the buttons you need for each window. Less buttons = less mess.
  • Over the Air Software Updates: If you only use the websoftware this hasn't been a problem before, but if you're a local software usertoo, you likely don't have the most up to date version. The truth is, we didn'twant to bother you everytime we had an update so we've made it possible to sendupdates straight to your device.