ChB allows your team to make instant decisions in all processes.

We have created a SaaS software solution in the cloud, simple to implement, and capable of using any NIRS hardware to control quality in food production and make instant decisions based on data.

Our journey so far

Chemometric Brain is born as Blendhub's own software.
Creation of more than 100 product libraries and continuous software improvement
Spin-out of ChB
First round of funding
Award for best initiative in digitalisation in the food industry at F4F

Meet our team

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Founder & CEO

Jacob Kristensen Illán

VP Digital Food Quality

Sara Chumillas PhD

Customer Success Tech Lead

Alberto Gil Ballesta

Software Developer

Karolina Čepanauskaite

Customer Success Team

Join the team

We offer different collaboration options: employment, freelance, internships, collaborations... We don't care too much about titles or positions; we care about result-oriented people.

Software Developer
Full time
Project manager
Part time

Optimise your production with Chemometric Brain

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“Chemometric Brain is the perfect digital solution to skip the industrial revolution and enter the digital age. With a single scan we ensure the quality of our products in and out.”
Martijn Bergkamp
Partner, co-founder FOGA
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