Transfer of nir spectra from different devices and locations into a global cloud-based model


A big food industry group with a network of companies on five continents was looking to implement a global, replicable food quality control system in all its facilities. The group has factories in seven countries, where food quality control was performed with different NIR devices. To improve and make this system more efficient, the company tested “spectra transfer” tool, a unique functionality offered by Chemometric Brain software that enables the conversion of spectra between NIR devices available in multiple locations, belonging to different manufacturers and having different specifications (wavelength, resolution, etc). Consequently, all the results are consolidated in a single global model and the data, stored in the cloud, can be consulted at any time and any place.


Whey protein raw material provided by a regular supplier of the company.


Product spectra transference between two different NIR devices, “ORIGINAL” (Equipment 1) and “DESTINATION” (Equipment 2), working in different wavelength ranges with different resolutions.


Our customer was interested in transferring the whey protein spectra measured in the “ORIGINAL” equipment to the “DESTINATION” one (see figure 1). To do this, the customer measured the same sample “x” times using the two devices in order to check the transference tool. The first step of the conversion process starts with the selection of the wavelength range of interest in both devices and the method for the standardization procedure. The second step lies in the interpolation of spectra with the main objective of having the same wavelength range and resolution as the destination equipment. Once the interpolation process has been accomplished there is only a small step left: the transfer itself. When the spectra have been transferred to the destination device, they can be applied to other product libraries and used together with the original ones in a consolidated global model.

As you can see in table 1, once the spectra data have been correctly transferred, they will be automatically saved in the Chemometric Brain database and they will appear highlighted in blue ( ):


By deploying Chemometric Brain’s spectra transfer tool, any food company can transfer and consolidate NIR spectra from different locations, different devices and with distinctive technical specifications, i.e, diverse manufacturers, distinctive wavelength range of work, different resolutions, etc… Food companies can also use the transferred spectra in other functionalities of Chemometric Brain’s software, as for example to develop qualitative or quantitative models. Therefore, the implementation of Chemometric Brain SaaS is strongly recommended for those food companies that need to work with spectra from different devices and locations in a global model.