Protein concentrates: ensuring value, quality and compliance


A company manufacturing cereal bars wanted to analyze different batches of protein concentrate to check the protein value, ensure that there were no adulterations and that all batches were compliant with previous batches. In just seconds, a qualitative analysis determined that all batches were compliant and met the company’s internal standards requirements, without the need for external laboratories, saving time and cost, ensuring a complete quality control beyond the protein value.


From suppliers to producers, all companies interested in being competitive in the food industry are increasingly aware of the importance of having a quality control system based on clearly defined internal standards, safety and traceability. In this sense, Chemometric Brain SaaS enables a new global and digitized solution for both food suppliers and producers.


Batches of a protein concentrate for the cereal bars industry.


Detection of non-conformities and non-compliant batches of a protein concentrate product by deployment of qualitative models developed using Chemometric Brain software.


Next example illustrates how one of our customers using the sample validation tool that Chemometric Brain software offers was able to perform a rapid and easy test that allowed them to categorize the batches of the product under assessment with a “green tick (✓)” (as conforming) or a “red cross (X)” (as non-conforming) depending on the results obtained after projection of these batches onto a model built with “good” samples. Figure 1 shows that the projection of two new batches received, “Batch 1” and “Batch 2”, onto the target product model reveals that both appear inside the confidence area defined by the model. Additionally, Chemometric Brain also displays a table summarizing the results after projection action. As you can see in the image (table 1), you can easily identify if the batches under study pass the quality control test. In this specific case, our software indicates with the following symbol   P that both batches appear as conforming and they comply with the internal standard requirements of the company. Here, the company is not only checking the protein value, but also that the product has not been adulterated and is similar to batches received previously.


By deploying Chemometric Brain, any company in the food industry will be able to obtain instant qualification or rejection according to defined product libraries, as well as approval of new ingredients and recipe suppliers worldwide. This technique provides results in just seconds without the need for external laboratories, saving time and costs.