Only Cloud-based software that
allows you to use near-infrared technology,
simply and safely

Informative webinar for food industry operators

Geoff Carss, Chemometric Brain Chief Growth Officer, and Beatriz Carrasco, Chemometric Brain CTO, have started a series of informative webinars open to all operators in the global supply chain to explain what Chemometric Brain is and the problems that it can solve for food companies and suppliers.


Chemometric Brain: software for the food industry

Chemometric Brain is a cloud-based software that allows near-infrared technology to be applied, within any food industry, in a simple and safe manner.

Chemometric Brain at the CRA-W

Chemometric Brain has, as a reference, the Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W); a center focused on technological innovation, that looks into new solutions.

Best of Food 4 Future 2021 Chemometric Brain

In this video we can see an excerpt from Food 4 Future 2021 where Chemometric Brain shows the versatility of its software.

How to choose the right NIR device to enhance food quality control

Chemometric Brain’s software can be easily implemented in any food company. The first step is to select the most suitable NIR device for the customer.

A NIR turnkey solution for digital food quality control and certification

Viavi MicroNIR, a business division of Viavi Solutions Inc., hosted a webinar on November 4th to present Chemometric Brain as a turnkey solution for digital food quality control and certification.