NIR technology at the service
of the food industry

It’s compatible with almost all available spectrometers

All year round, food industry laboratories receive vast numbers of powder-like ingredient samples, for analysis; all kinds and from all around the world. As such, it’s not easy, for labs, to conduct as many levels of testing as samples might require. Not only are they, frequently, overwhelmed – both from a manpower and from a technological standpoint; laboratories cannot, as yet, offer companies proper product identification testing.

Near Infrared makes it possible for any minimally-trained technician to conduct quick and simple tests which, not only cut out human error but can, also, be applied to all kinds of samples, providing reliable levels of identification and minimizing risks, while, at the same time, increasing a company’s food-safety standards and establishing a precise and fully replicable quality-control process.


Because, with Chemometric Brain, you’ll be able to identify all incoming raw materials (in ensuring that every new batch matches the other batches, previously received at your plant) your manufacturing process will remain constant and 100% reliable.


Should your incoming raw materials be, in any way, tainted – whether as a result of intentional or by accidental negligence – Chemometric Brain will inform you, instantly. Having full control over what enters your factory, means your product is sure to meet all of the very toughest food industry quality standards.


Ensuring product-standard quality and uniformity, at batch level, is the best way to know whether suppliers are ‘on the ball’. With Chemometric Brain, you’ll be sure to detect any process changes, or new ingredients, that your suppliers might have seen fit to apply or introduce, without informing you.

When you release your final product, you want to be sure that it has the right combination and proportions of ingredients. Chemometric Brain helps you ensure that all of your various product formulations carry the required and exact ingredient percentages.


Chemometric Brain can help you determine how to make your product as homogeneous as possible, by optimizing processes and mix-cycle durations – thus, reducing time and energy overheads, while increasing productivity.


Chemometric Brain offers feedback on how your products evolve, over time, helping you better determine expected product duration.


New raw materials are swiftly added to the existing data bases. In speeding up new raw material approval processes, users are granted wider berth in providing immediate response to unforeseen raw material-related issues.


If you benchmark the products you use against your company’s own internal quality standards, Chemometric Brain can make any such rating process highly user-friendly.


Find out what protein, moisture, fat, lactose, carbohydrate or other property-level content your final product and/or the raw materials that you use contain… and you’ll be cutting down on the number of tests you’ll need to send off to external laboratories.

Compatible with most market spectrometers