Henrik S. Kristensen, one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders in 2021

Our founder and CEO has been recognized by US World’s Leaders Magazine for leading a global change in the food industry.

This week US World’s Leaders Magazine recognized Henrik S. Kristensen as one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders making a difference in 2021. This is definitely a very significant support for Henrik and Chemometric Brain to continue boosting the digitalization of quality and supply chains.

Henrik states, “I want to lead a change in the agri-food value chain that enables access to basic nutrition in a safer, easier and more efficient way, reaching more people in more places. We cannot tolerate having anyone going hungry to bed or suffering diseases or malnutrition because of bad food products or lack of availability of the right ingredients. It is a difficult and ambitious goal which obviously requires 110% dedication. But for me it is not a job, but a project of life”.

Changing the global food production system is not easy: the food industry, in most countries, is still quite traditional, with few digitized processes and production centralized on large static factories located in Western countries, resulting in long, inefficient and unsafe supply chains.

Food and technology are Henrik’s two great passions. He was a visionary when ideating and implementing a multi-localized network of food production hubs, closer to raw materials and final consumers, to make food production cheaper, fairer and more sustainable.

In order to implement this business model anywhere in the world with the same conditions of efficiency and safety, Blendhub’s R&D team created a proprietary software for quality control, which today is Chemometric Brain. After more than 10 years operating for Blendhub’s network, Chemometric Brain became an independent company in January 2020 due to great interest in the food industry to adopt this technology.

Today, Henrik’s passions converge in his mission to democratize the use of NIR technology with this easy-to-use software, accessible to any small and medium-sized company without need for big investments. The goal is to foster digitization of quality and supply chains to ensure food safety and prevent fraud, contributing to a safer and fairer food system for more people in more places.

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