Health, happiness and success in the new year

We are approaching the end of 2021 and I would like to share my thoughts on this key year for the start-up and consolidation of Chemometric Brain.

We started the journey as an independent company almost two years ago, shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, which obviously slowed down the implementation of our business strategy. It was in 2021 that the project really took off and we were able to lay the foundations for accelerated growth, which we hope to consolidate by 2022. 

2021 has been the year of the definition of our business model, the reinforcement of commercial activity, the launch of our first financing round and customer acquisition. And, despite a still difficult economic context, because of the pandemic and the price increases that are impacting the recovery, at Chemometric Brain we can be satisfied with the results.

Collaboration through a platform model and strategic alliances are at the core of our business model and ensure future growth for any company willing to be competitive and global. Thus, in the last year we have expanded our network of affiliate partners: we now have partners on five continents, great professionals in the food industry, experts in technologies applied to the agri-food sector and with top level contacts in the industry that help us achieve our goals anywhere in the world.

In 2021 we achieved milestones that helped make impact and gain visibility: at the Food 4 Future fair in Bilbao in June, Chemometric Brain won the award to the best initiative in digitalization in the food industry; at the Future Food Forum in Dubai in October, I had the opportunity to explain our project to digitalize quality and supply chains to hundreds of international leaders and the Government of the United Arab Emirates; as well as at Dare2Change, a unique forum on science and industry in Portugal where we were invited as an example of disruptive technology serving the food industry…. 

We are gradually meeting our objectives and demonstrating that we are the most innovative and efficient solution to optimize food quality control, prevent fraud and solve safety problems in the food supply chain. With our software-as-a-service solution, easy to implement and use without need for big investments in technology or specialized personnel, we have made a significant step forward in ensuring quality, safety and traceability in food production, so necessary in a difficult economic context in which fraud is increasing exponentially and has become itself a $50 billion yearly business.

None of this would be possible without the dedication, commitment and effort of our entire team, which strives to offer the best service to customers.

It has been an intense and fruitful year, but we want more. We have set ambitious goals for 2022: we will continue searching for funds that enable us to implement our strategic business plan while maintaining our independence; we will expand our customer portfolio -we are about to close several projects that will grow over the next year-; and we will expand our network of partners: research centers, experts in food fraud, hardware manufacturers… With all of them we will continue working to create the most efficient solutions to digitize quality and supply chains.

Because I insist, collaboration is the basis not only for growing our business, but also for changing the game towards a more sustainable and safer food production, which benefits all.

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Founder and Chief Moonshot Officer at Chemometric Brain

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