FOGA acquires a license of Chemometric Brain to digitize quality control of Arabic Gum production in Sudan

FOGA Gum, a Dutch company specialized in organic and fair-trade Arabic gum production in Sudan, has acquired a subscription license of Chemometric Brain to digitize their food quality and supply chain.

Gum Arabic (or Gum Acacia) is a natural gum derived from the hardened sap of the acacia tree and is mainly used as a stabilizer in the food industry.

FOGA, originally from The Netherlands, has invested in two production plants in Sudan to strengthen the Gum Acacia value chain by shortening supply chains and produce in a more efficient and sustainable way. They work very closely with farmers in Sudan and are directedly involved in planting trees and reforesting the area.

FOGA offers fair prices to the producers, contributes to enhancing their skills and income by cutting middlemen, and uses spray drying techniques to produce high quality products for the global market.

The use of Chemometric Brain enables Foga to digitize quality control, facilitating sample analysis and validating quality, homogeneity and traceability from the incoming raw materials to the outgoing finished product, throughout the entire Arabic Gum (Gum Acacia) value chain.


This agreement proves that Chemometric Brain is a useful, accessible and inexpensive solution focusing on small and medium-sized companies such as Foga, with a clear focus on innovation and quality. Both companies share values and a social purpose, as Foga promotes fair trade and local development and Chemometric Brain seeks to democratize the use of NIR technology for quality control offering digitized and secure food quality and global supply chains and insuring sustainable food and nutrition to the coming generations everywhere.

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