Chemometric Brain is an easy and intuitive software created by and for the industry. We have libraries of a wide range of products, mainly powders, and it has implemented the mathematical treatments that the industry needs for identification and quantification in quality control. All this makes it very easy to obtain results from day one and ensures a quick return on investment.

As a cloud-based software, with Chemometric Brain you can collect spectra from different devices and consolidate them in a single place, transferring them to a common language in order to obtain global calibrations that are more robust.

Our software optimises the benefits of NIR technology for quality control, making analysis faster, easier and more cost-effective.

And, because, with a program that comprises vast databases, a comprehensive library of powder products, and all the industry’s most relevant mathematical identification and quantification treatments and algorithms, built into it, Chemometric Brain is certain to deliver excellent and reliable results as from day one!

There are several advantages:

  • No specific training in chemometrics is required.
  • It is completely visual and intuitive, so the results are easily interpretable.
  • It works in the cloud, so you can access anywhere at any time to analyse all the spectra collected from your different equipment or facilities.
  • It can work with spectra obtained with devices from different manufacturers.

Compared to other NIR solutions, Chemometric Brain does not require the user to have previous specialised training. This fact, together with the advantages offered by its global availability in the cloud, allows the reduction of implementation times.

Chemometric Brain has been developed for non-expert users who want to analyse their products with NIR. You only need to access the software through your favourite internet browser, authenticate yourself using your credentials (email and password) and you will be immediately able to access the platform and its different functionalities: quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, analysis of ingredients of unknown samples, transfer of spectra from NIR equipment from different suppliers, etc.

Most companies do not have a chemometrician on staff, so at Chemometric Brain we provide technical support for the creation and updating of models to our customers.

In this way, your models will be created by specialists with extensive training and experience.

Yes, of course. The technical specialists of the Chemometric Brain team can create, update and improve the libraries of your final products and raw materials.

We also have an email address, info@chemometricbrain.io, where you can send us any queries or doubts you may have.

Chemometric Brain can be used to analyse unprocessed foods such as seeds (cocoa, coffee, pulses, cereals, etc.), spices, fruits (olives, apples, kiwi, etc.), vegetables, powdered intermediate foods (ingredients, premixes, dairy products, scents, etc.) and processed foods (tomato paste, cheese, meat, dried pasta, muesli mix, etc.).

NIR technology is useful for the analysis of samples in a multitude of formats, being applicable not only to powdered products, but also solids, gels, oils or liquids, among others.

Indeed. Our software can be easily implemented in any food company. The first step is to select the most suitable NIR device for the customer. If the company does not already have a NIR device, Chemometric Brain specialists will analyse the customer’s needs and opportunities for quality control improvement and advise on which type of device to choose.

We have a number of validated NIR devices that are used to show the customer how they work and also to test which one is the most suitable in each case.

There are currently many NIR instruments on the market, differentiated from each other mainly by the wavelength range they work in and their resolution, among others.

Chemometric Brain specialists will analyse which is the optimal device for your company according to your needs and objectives.