Because it’s a software created by and for the private food sector. Because our industry needs user-friendly software, of this kind; one which, in addition, is quick to offer return-on-investment.

And, because, with a program that comprises vast databases, a comprehensive library of powder products, and all the industry’s most relevant mathematical identification and quantification treatments and algorithms, built into it, Chemometric Brain is certain to deliver excellent and reliable results as from day one!


Chemometric Brain offers several advantages:

  • You need no special chemometrics training, to successfully use the software.
  • Because it is very graphically conceived, results are easy to interpret.
  • It’s Cloud-based… which means it can be accessed from any point and at any time and is always open for spectral component analyses to be conducted on all factory systems or equipment.
  • It can be accessed from different computers.
  • Compared to specialized software, Chemometric Brain does not demand that users receive specific training. As such, it reduces implementation times and allows for broader in-Cloud operating potential.
  • By comparison with software used by NIR developers, Chemometric Brain’s “ad hoc” nature (created, as it was, to suit the specific needs of a company, within a specific sector) makes it highly intuitive and, visually, very appealing to interact with.
  • Chemometric Brain is a software, designed for non-expert users, whose product portfolio will benefit from conducting NIR testing. A confirmed internet address is all it takes for a user to have at-a-glance access to any product’s spectral composition.
  • Pre-existing models make it easier for users to obtain a more immediately rewarding return-on-investment. Rather than making them create the models, themselves, the system comes with analytical models, created by specialists, with extensive training and experience in the field of corporate model-based systems.
  • Raw material spectra serve to enhance and strengthen Chemometric Brain’s databases. Because all uploaded spectra remain identity-anonymous (there is no way of identifying the uploading client), once a spectrum is considered valid, it is used to feed and build the system’s libraries.
  • Certainly, we do! Our team of highly skilled technicians is on hand to help create your end-product libraries, which will be made available to you, while constantly improving raw material libraries. Also, our e-mail address (info@chemometricbrain.io) is always open, for users to send in questions.

Usually NIR is used for multiple meals. From no processed food as seeds (cacao, coffee, Leguminosae, cereals, etc.), species, fruits (olive, apple, kiwi, etc.), vegetables, intermediate powder food (ingredients, pre-mixes, dairy derivatives, flavours, etc) to processed food as pasta, tomato paste, cheese, meat, dried pasta, muesli mix, etc.

It is possible to analyse all the different presentations: solids, gels, paste, oil, and liquids using different NIR accessories.