Chemometric Brain wins The Most Innovative Solution on Digitalization Award for the Food Industry at Food 4 Future

Food 4 Future has been for three days the meeting point of all stakeholders in the global food industry aiming at addressing future challenges, such as a growing world population and an obsolete production system that needs technology and innovation to ensure safe and sustainable food and nutrition to more people around the world.

Chemometric Brain was one of the outstanding companies in this event, where it presented its pioneering software to facilitate food quality control. It is the only NIR-based software in the world that hosts data and libraries in the cloud and works with most NIR hardware devices to lead the democratization of digitized food quality and supply chains and ensure that consumers know what they eat. 

Chemometric Brain’s project to make quality control more accessible to small and medium-sized companies with little or no access to technology has received the award for the best digitalization initiative in the food industry during the Foodtech Awards.

Henrik S. Kristensen, founder of Chemometric Brain, stated: “This award boosts our motivation to continue driving forward our project to facilitate food companies the access to easy-to-implement, inexpensive and highly effective technology to digitize quality along the entire supply chain to ensure quality, traceability and food safety”.

During the fair, Chemometric Brain provided real-time demonstrations to prove how this software can analyze any food sample in powder, liquid, solid or gel in just a few seconds by using spectroscopy (NIR). Our partners Viavi, Foss Iberia and Bruker joined us at the booth and brought their hardware devices to show how Chemometric Brain’s software works on multiple devices from different manufacturers, which facilitates its implementation in any food company.

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