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Digitization of quality control would reduce fraud in the dairy industry

Suppliers and manufacturers of dairy products are forced to adjust production costs as much as possible to remain competitive in the face of price pressure from retailers and increasing competition from plant-based products. This often leads to substitution of ingredients for cheaper ones, which is a consumer fraud that can have very serious consequences for brands and dairy companies. … Read More

Improving quality control: the big challenge for the food industry in 2022

Traditional quality control systems are in many cases obsolete, only allow random sample control or rely on external laboratories, which is expensive and time consuming. But technology offers novel solutions to implement food quality control in a more efficient and affordable way. Many companies are willing to improve, but still don’t know about these solutions. … Read More

Health, happiness and success in the new year

Chemometric Brain ha sido una de las compañías protagonistas en Food 4 Future, donde ha presentado su software pionero para facilitar el control de calidad alimentario. Es el único software del mundo basado en NIR que aloja datos y bibliotecas en la nube y funciona con la mayoría de los dispositivos de hardware NIR. Todo ello con el objetivo de democratizar la digitalización de la calidad y las cadenas de suministro y garantizar que los consumidores sepan lo que comen. … Read More

Protected: Food Fraud in LATAM: improving quality control at lower cost with Chemometric Brain and VIAVI MicroNIR

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Henrik S. Kristensen, one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders in 2021

This week US World’s Leaders Magazine recognized Henrik S. Kristensen as one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders making a difference in 2021. This is definitely a very significant support for Henrik and Chemometric Brain to continue boosting the digitalization of quality and supply chains. … Read More

FOGA acquires a license of Chemometric Brain to digitize quality control of Arabic Gum production in Sudan

The use of Chemometric Brain enables Foga to digitize quality control, facilitating sample analysis and validating quality, homogeneity and traceability from the incoming raw materials to the outgoing finished product, throughout the entire Arabic Gum (Gum Acacia) value chain. … Read More

Chemometric Brain wins The Most Innovative Solution on Digitalization Award for the Food Industry at Food 4 Future

Chemometric Brain was one of the outstanding companies in this event, where it presented its pioneering software to facilitate food quality control. It is the only NIR-based software in the world that hosts data and libraries in the cloud and works with most NIR hardware devices to lead the democratization of digitized food quality and supply chains and ensure that consumers know what they eat. … Read More

Prediction of the composition and percentage of ingredients in a functional blend for yoghurt production

By implementing Chemometric Brain’s analysis of ingredients, the company could determine the composition and the percentages of any ingredient in the stabilizer blend, ensuring the correct labelling in the final product. … Read More

Faster and more accurate analysis of physicochemical properties of dairy products

Chemometric Brain’s multiple quantitative calibration models for common food ingredients and products in the food industry make it easy for companies to determine the composition of food products (fat, protein, ash, viscosity, dry matter, moisture, etc.) handled in their facilities. By implementing Chemometric Brain SaaS, customers will be able to predict a set of quantitative values for different physicochemical properties without need to use other not so flexible calibrations typically employed by other NIR devices. … Read More

Transfer of nir spectra from different devices and locations into a global cloud-based model

By deploying Chemometric Brain’s spectra transfer tool, any food company can transfer and consolidate NIR spectra from different locations, different devices and with distinctive technical specifications, i.e, diverse manufacturers, distinctive wavelength range of work, different resolutions, etc… Food companies can also use the transferred spectra in other functionalities of Chemometric Brain’s software … Read More