About Us

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Our Mission

Chemometric Brain was born the day a group of experts from various disciplines of analytical science, each with many years’ experience in the field of investigation, decided to channel all of their passion and expertise towards developing a software that might guarantee traceability, in the world of food and nutrition.

Our main mission is to make the use of spectroscopic techniques accessible to any food industry, while applying the experience and knowledge acquired over the past 15 years. We aim to facilitate implementation of said techniques via simple analyses, drawn from our extensive powder-product libraries, in order to provide day-one results in any segment of the food industry; and, as a result, to be able to ensure full traceability, within the value chain, allowing companies to offer end-consumers food that is ever more transparent, fairer, safer and healthier, too.


Traceability, throughout the entire food industry value chain; from the source producer, to the end-consumer’s table.


We are committed both to transparency and to increasing food safety, within the industry.


We want all end-consumers to have access to food products that are transparent, fair, safe and healthy.

Our team

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Ángel De la Peña

Strategic Partnership Manager

Clara Hermoso Sánchez

Business Development Manager

Ramón Barro Ruiz

Financial Business Controller

Sara Chumillas Lidón

R&D / Technical Support Specialist

Nuria Navarro García

R&D / Technical Support Specialist

Carl Watson

Talent Manager

Alberto Gil Ballesta

Chemometric Brain Developer

Anders S. Kristensen

Chief Financial Officer


Are you ambitious and non-conformist? Do you like challenges? Are you looking to escape the routine? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes!’ and you have a background in chemistry, spectroscopy, chemometrics, machine-learning and programming; or if you would like to try your hand at these fields, do an internship or get into investigation… please, get in touch with us!. Why not work with people you’ll value, while designing innovative tools that’ll ensure foodstuff traceability within the food industry?