Nearly 200 people from all over the world attended our last webinar on Chemometric Brain’s solutions and applications for the food industry. This session was hosted by Viavi MicroNIR, a business division of Viavi Solutions Inc., and we had attendees from Europe, Israel, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, India, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Jong and Singapore.

Geoff Carrs, Chemometric Brain Chief Growth Officer, introduced Chemometric Brain as the only cloud-based software in the food industry and explained how Chemometric Brain enables a technology “fingerprint” of ingredients and recipes using NIR technology. This enables a new standard of quality control within and between food suppliers and producers.


Beatriz Carrasco, Chemometric Brain CTO, clarified how Chemometric Brain qualitative analysis allow to identify food adulteration and showed some examples with different samples of milk protein powder to prove which batches were more homogeneous.


It was also explained how AI and Machine Learning play a significant role to predict the concentration of ingredients in a mix, even if the concentration of a specific ingredient is very low.


Attendees learned how this food quality control system can help create digital food certifications to certify suppliers and consequently reduce risks and improve food traceability and safety.

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