Chemometric Brain is a cloud-based software, that allows for safe and simple industry-wide use of near-infrared technology.

It’s compatible with almost all available spectrometers


You’ll see all your product quality and content testing in clear graphic reports; it’s simple and requires no prior training.


We carry a wide range of segment-specific NIR powder-based product data bases: dairy; stabilizers; emulsifiers; salts; etc...


Reduce your cost in external laboratories obtaining the physical and chemical properties of your products using near infrared spectroscopy, allowing you more exhaustive control of your product analysing all your batches.


Chemometric Brain means a simple spectroscopy analysis is all it’ll take for you never, again, to have to worry about ‘food fraud’ issues!


You, alone, will have access to your information. We use unrivalled data-protection technology to guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Chemometric Brain is a near-infrared cloud-based software,
conceived for the food industry

that implements state-of-the-art spectroscopy
to make your company more competitive.


For the past 3+ years, Chemometric Brain has undergone stringent testing at a major decentralized food sector company, whose industry standard is CRA-W (Walloon Agricultural Research Center). And, because CRA-W partners us in developing an array of related research projects, we’ll be able to offer you an entire spectrum of comprehensive solutions.


Digitization of quality control would reduce fraud in the dairy industry

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Health, happiness and success in the new year

Chemometric Brain ha sido una de las compañías protagonistas en Food 4 Future, donde ha presentado su software pionero para facilitar el control de calidad alimentario. Es el único software del mundo basado en NIR que aloja datos y bibliotecas en la nube y funciona con la mayoría de los dispositivos de hardware NIR. Todo ello con el objetivo de democratizar la digitalización de la calidad y las cadenas de suministro y garantizar que los consumidores sepan lo que comen. … Read More

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